Free Online POD Keywords Resource


Find FREE keywords that rank in Google's first-page search results and drive 1000+ ORGANIC traffic to every Print-on-Demand site such as Redbubble, Zazzle, Society6, Spreadshirt and many more. Discover new ranking and evergreen keywords that will help you build your POD business into the next level. Keywords are sourced from the most prominent SEO tools in the market today.


Why is keyword ranking is important?

High ranking keywords = high organic traffic volume = high chances of sales. By using proper keywords that rank on Google's top organic search result, your design will have a higher chance of exposure to potential buyers.

Can I use these keywords as tags?

Yes. In fact, you can also include these keywords in your Title and Description. Make sure to check the proper use of metadata (title, description and tags) in every POD sites. Avoid keyword stuffing or tag spamming.

Why Organic Traffic over Search Volume?

High search volume is an important indicator for a good keyword, on the other hand, Organic traffic measures the actual people who clicked or go to a specific link or product listing after searching a set of keywords. For example:

"cool t shirts" has a search volume of 33,000 and drive 4,303 organic traffic to a Redbubble listing while "funny tshirts" has a search volume of 60,500 and drive 4,235 organic traffic to a Redbubble listing. For Redbubble, both keywords rank 2 on Google search results. As you can see, Redbubble only gets 7% of total search volume for "funny tshirts" that converts to an organic traffic while 13% for "cool t shirts".

You can get a full keyword report here.

Why is historical data you need to consider?

Historical data or past data gives you three main things:

a. Evergreen Keywords - Keywords that are consistently ranking over some time with consistent organic traffic.

b. New Keywords - Keywords that are starting to rank probably because of a trending topic or event and may become an evergreen keyword in the future.

c. Lost Keywords - Keywords that lose ranking due to a low organic search volume over time.

*Start collecting data by not missing the monthly update on Get Best-Selling Product Keywords section*

Why this resource/tool?

As a data geek and a POD enthusiast, I started this as a personal project to help me understand what keywords are actively search on Google. Using SEMrush, I'm able to check keywords that drive consistent organic traffic to every print-on-demand sites. This is a very simple print-on-demand keyword resource/tool you will ever find in the internet but I believe that many POD artists and enthusiasts, especially to those starting in this type of business, will benefit from this.

If you have additional questions or require more information about our Keyword Resource / Tool, do not hesitate to contact us.